When we talk about the History of WORK, many of us tend to think that WORK was probably invented by the early man as a means of keeping himself occupied with something or feeding himself. Some think that Man, in the process of evolution was going through the “survival of the fittest” battle and he had to WORK to keep himself alive and ahead of the rest of the species.

Lets look at the lifestyle of the early man (according to these theories). He woke up every morning and took his stone spear, javelin or sword and went to WORK in the jungle and gathered Food. He had to WORK to build his own House. He also had to WORK and make his own Clothing. So WORK was all about Food, Clothing and Shelter.

Well, if you look at the modern man, nothing much seems to have changed. We all wake up in the morning and RUN to our offices or the workspots (corporate jungles) to make ENDS MEET… to SURVIVE… to EARN a LIVING!!! Doesn’t it sound all too similar to the lifestyle of our “just-grown-out-of-the-monkey” great grand dads?!!! Very similar mindsets and motives, eh?!

But that’s what they say!!

Now, I am going to talk about a PARADIGM SHIFT. I am going to ask you to step into a different platform and view things in a different way just for a few “blogs”.

You may ask, “Why… why do you want me to view it differently? Isn’t it obvious? Isn’t it starring in your face, that we are supposed to work to earn a living?” Well, that MAY be or MAY NOT be true… but what is wrong in looking at things from a different perspective? You lose nothing. After all its a different point of view, right?

If the Wright brothers had said, “Look… men don’t have wings and so they can’t fly… isn’t it obvious?” we would not be flying around the world in all the fancy Airbuses and Boeings today. So once in a while, it will do us good to shift our paradigm and atleast consider a different standpoint from which we view the same old concepts. That is out-of-the-box thinking. Lets do that.

But to view from a different standpoint, you need a STANDPOINT, a point of reference, a basis or a platform from which you can stand and research on something.

Here, I am talking about looking at WORK concepts from a new perspective, a new standpoint, a new platform – The platform called The Holy Bible.

The Holy Bible is one of the most ancient books in the world. It has an interesting history. It is the most printed book in the world. Millions have read it, many of them loved it, many of them hated it, some would kill anyone who read it, some said they would die for it, some did!!! Many people wanted to destroy it, but the book has survived for too long, from too many kingdoms, from too many dictators, and seen too many disasters. It has survived. In fact this is the ONLY single book in the world that has 66 books compiled in one and was written over a period of 1500+ years by 40 different authors. All the authors have been different people, who lived under different governmental formats, different civilizations and different cultures over 1500+ years. Phew… that’s a lot of years! But yet, they all say the SAME THING. There is such a great HARMONY in this book. It is startling to know that the author of the first book of the Bible says the EXACT same thing as the author of the last book… and yet their birth dates are easily more than 1500+ years apart!!!! Mind blowing eh?!!

That is why, personally coming from a strong non-christian background, with more than 10 years of study on Vedanta, under Swami Tatwananda and Swami Dayananda Saraswathi (both of them direct disciples of the Great Swami Chinmayananda) behind me, I started researching this book.

A few years ago, one gentleman asked me, “Natchi, lets say I make this statement to you, ‘You are standing on a carpet below which there are 20 currency notes of Rs.1000 denomination each and anyone can take it’. As an educated, intelligent, smart guy, what would you do?”

I said, “I will lift the carpet up and find out if it is true!”, after all that is fairly a simple thing to do.

Then he said, “Well, that is exactly what you should do with the Bible. Many people say many things and many statements have been made about this Book, why don’t you find out whether they are true or not?”.

This is what set me thinking and the only way I could find out was to read the book and research it myself.

But the book took me by surprise, I started discovering why this book has become such an undeniable part in the History of Mankind. I was BLOWN AWAY by what I found out, it just AMAZED me!

In this blog, I am going to share with you some of that TRUTHS that I found from The Holy Bible. But I will restrict my thought flow to the Subject of WORK.

So, what does this great Ancient Book that has been through the History of many civilizations, tell about WORK and the ORIGIN of WORK?!

Stay with me to find out in the next few blogs!

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