Kolkatta Haggai seminarNational Seminar of Haggai Institute in Kolkatta. The rich history of this city is so mesmerising. The seminar has participants from across the country and it was good to see how God is changing the lives of the participants in amazing ways. During the teaching sessions & the interactions, I heard some of the most powerful hope-filled God stories I have ever heard in my life. I will share a couple of them:

1. Story of a young boy, who grew up in poverty, did not have money to pay college fees, has slept without food for many days, then finds God – Then things change, God gives him favor in the eyes of the principal of the college who tells him that he does not have to pay the fees and also gets to work in the college as an assistant staff while studying (which is not a common practice in India) just to make ends meet. Now, the boy has grown up and has become a young man, who runs an IT company with 10 people working under him!! Just hearing his story was so encouraging and I was in tears seeing God’s love for His people.

2. Story of a girl baby, who was thrown in the Garbage bin when she was born! A missionary picked her up and helped her grow (with the knowledge of God). Today this young girl (married to an amazing man who loves & supports her) helps many underprivileged women and children in 7 villages investing almost all of her income for this work. She said, “If God did not allow me to die in that Garbage can, I am sure He has a purpose for my life”. I was speechless!

It ended up becoming an unforgettable trip for me. I also got a chance to eat some Kolkatta Kati rolls, meeta pan, walk around the streets and get a taste of East India Rule (some of the British buildings are still being used as post office, etc).

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