Martin Kristiaman

The Haggai International Alumni in Sydney had organised a meeting for me to speak to them about Workplace Concepts of the Bible.

I met Martin Kristiaman who heads the coordination efforts of Haggai in the region. I had dinner with his wonderful wife & son (later met his Daughter also). I had a great time listening to Martin’s story about business & God and it was a great privilege to meet and get to know his God-loving family. What a joy!

Martin and Ms.Kay Waddle (a H.I. Staff) had made all the arrangement for the meeting and I shared some important principles of ‘Work’ from the bible with this word-thirsty group. We also had a question and answer session where I was able to clarify a few techniques and practical aspects of living a successful work life for God.

The passion that this team had for God was simply awesome to witness! Martin and I also discussed the possibility of conducting more ‘Work’ seminars (for businessmen and pastors) in the days to come.

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