St.Thomas MountHave you ever been to St.Thomas Mount in Chennai, India? If you visit Chennai city, this is one place you don’t want to miss! My top 2 reasons are:

1. It offers the BEST VIEW of Chennai city and it is quite breezy thoughout the year, you are guaranteed the best ‘sea breeze’ experience.

2. It is one of the MOST important historical places in the world. Whatever faith background you come from, you know that a man called “Jesus” changed the world forever. Even the time line is divided into AD and BC based on his birth! Jesus had 12 disciples and one of them was St.Thomas. Jesus sent all the 12 disciples in different directions to preach the great Truth that he himself preached during his life time, and one disciple was exclusively deputed for India and that was St.Thomas. And after landing in Kochin-kerela, this St.Thomas came to Chennai and he was murdered right at this location, on top of the mountain. This fact makes this one of the most historically important places in the world.

Haggai Institute had organised a National Seminar in the international guest house that is located on top of this little mountain. I taught about Work Concepts (in 4 sessions spread over 2 days). The audience were from various backgrounds (doctors, IT engineers, CEOs, nuns, pastors, army colonels, home makers, etc.) and it was good to challenge their minds with new concepts and with some thought provoking truth. I had a great time!

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