I was with the ‘Help A Child of India‘ Chennai team for a one day seminar on ‘A Converged Work Life’.

I first got introduced to this word ‘Convergence’ in 2006 when I met Mr.Brett Johnson of The Institute. He is a pioneer in this subject and has written a book called ‘Convergence‘. I highly recommend that book to every working professional.

Right from that day, I started researching more on the subject and started applying it to my life. I have created many training modules on the subject which leads to discussions on how to apply the principles in a practical level in a workplace context.

Understanding the principles of ‘Convergence’ is important for success at workplace. To have a Converged lifestyle is to have a single-track in which our personal-life, spiritual-life & work-life are aligned perfectly. It is a lifestyle in which we don’t keep asking the question, “Am I doing the right thing everyday?”. It also provides answers to key work-life questions like, “Is this the right job for me?”, “What is my life’s purpose?”, “How is my life’s purpose aligned with my job”, “What is the next step in my career?”

Some of the important points that we discussed in the seminar are:

– Principle of HATS & Convergence

– Understanding ‘Domain’ in each of our lives

– Principles of the Pillar

– Converged Eye Glasses

– Nature & Convergence

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