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This news is from Google.

Our next big news is from Google, Google announced the release of Google TV, which sounds like Apple TV and other television services offering, but it is actually slightly different.

Source: Google

And it’s different in a good way that Google is focusing more on the ‘search’ component. It’s bringing the search component to the television watching experience. Have you ever sat in front of the TV on weekends with all the various platforms, trying to search for what to watch? That seems to be the problem that Google is going after, because in their announcement, they say they are going to allow you to search for content not just within their own platform like YouTube, but across platforms like HBO, Netflix, Disney+ and various other things, including YouTube. So it’s going to be…

I think it’s going to have a big impact in this digital television space, having the search component and Google Assistant built into it. They are releasing this initially with the new Chromecast, but I’m sure it’ll roll out into other devices in the days to come.

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