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This news is from Google.

Our next news is from Google. And it seems to be an important and an interesting one that talks about the release of two new features that are connected to phone calls and SMS. This is called Verified Calls and verified SMS by Google.

Google Releases Verified Calls and Verified SMS Features

Source: Google

Those people who have Google phones can now see who is calling them with the name and logo of the organization, and the reason why the organization is calling them. This is predominantly for businesses and organizations that want to reach out to their audience, their customers or people who they want to connect with over phone. Today, what happens is, you get a phone call from a random number… because a business calls you from a different number, right?

You call people from different numbers, but people don’t pick it up because they think it’s a spam or a scam call. So they don’t pick up the call most of the time. But if they’re able to see who is calling with a brand name, logo and also the reason, for example, you call one of your donors and you say “this is from this particular nonprofit or ministry and we’re calling you for this reason”, if that information is displayed, then it’s more likely that they pick up the call. Right? So that is what Google is starting to roll out.

A very interesting feature. If you want to try it out, go check out the way they partner. They have a partner program for this. You can sign up and you can get connected to the partners and eventually enroll in the system. So do check out this new feature.

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