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Our next news is from Google.

Source: Google

Google has announced the release of a new tool called Search Console Insights. According to me, this is one of the most important tools for any content creator out there. I know you as a church or a ministry are creating a lot of content. And we all have questions about content: which content is performing? How is it performing? And all that. Right now with this new tool, it is easier for you to find answers to those questions. Because this tool combines both Search Console and Google Analytics data.

It combines them and presents it to you, with all the information related to these questions. Here is what the announcement says, “Here are some sample questions that this experience (the Google Search Console Insights experience) will help you answer. What is your best performing content? Which pieces are trending? How are your new pieces of content performing? How do people discover your content? What do people search for on Google, before they visit your content? Which articles refers users to your website and content?” How valuable are these information? So a big news from Google definitely. Won’t want to check out so that you understand which content is performing for you.

Note: This news item is part of the weekly news show, The Connected Church News, that collects the Top 5 Digital and Social Media News each week for leaders of churches, ministries or christian nonprofit, and presents it to them in 5 mins.

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