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This news is from Google.

Our next news is from Google. Specifically about Google video ads measurement. Google says by the end of the year, they will have a new standard way of measuring conversions on video ads called ‘Engaged View Conversions’.

Source: Google

They call it EVCs. And EVCs, according to Google, measure the conversions that take place after someone views 10 seconds or more of your skippable ads, but they don’t click it and then convert within a set amount of days. Basically, people look at your video for 10 seconds, but they don’t click your call-to-action, but then they go ahead and still make that action or do that purchase or whatever you want them to do. Seeing the video, that conversion happens (but without a click). Google is now able to give you that measurement as a standard way of measurement. This is important if you run a lot of video ads on Google. Check it out and pass it on to your advertising team.

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