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Our next big news of this week is from Google.

Source: Google Pay

Our next news is about Google. And it’s about Google Pay. Last week, Google Pay announced that they are bringing a couple of new features into the app. One is about saving money, where you can look at deals from retailers. For example, you can look at Grocery Weekly deals from Safeway and Target stores, and you can pick them (the deals) up within the app and pay directly using Google Pay. But the more interesting feature that really caught my attention is the one that lets you manage your finances.

The app now has an ‘insight’ tab which has advanced features, including seeing balances and bill reminders. And it’s almost like a budgeting tool that gives you a summary of your spending. For example, you can open up the app and see how much money you’ve spent on food, for example, or fuel, for example, in a certain period of time. So bringing a budgeting tool into a payment app is very interesting, because it’s a direct value addition.

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