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This news is from Google Pay.

Last week, Google announced that they are releasing a newly designed app both in the Android and iOS platform that will have multiple new features.

Source: Google

Some of them are very interesting. One is a bank account, a new kind of bank account, says Google that is built into Google Pay. The announcement says that this bank account is called Plex, and the announcement says that Plex accounts are offered by banks, credit unions, including checking and savings account with no monthly fees, overdraft charges on minimum balance requirements and help you save towards a goal more easily.

The app also has been redesigned to bring relationships to the front, the announcement says. They also say that they are adding insights to help you figure out how much you are spending. Because digital spending, digital wallets, and money are becoming the new trend in this new era. So companies like Google Pay, WhatsApp Pay and all the other digital wallets are starting to improve their apps to suit the needs. Google said that already there are 150 million monthly users from 30 different countries that use Google Pay regularly. So very interesting announcement from Google.

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