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Source: Google

Last week, Google announced that they are launching an A.I. artificial intelligence academy for journalists working in small newsrooms and small news publishers. The logic is, Google says that large news organizations like BBC, for example, have successfully used artificial intelligence to serve their audience by digging up relevant information when they want to present information to the audience. But artificial intelligence as a technology seems to be beyond the reach of smaller newsrooms. So to bridge that gap, Google is launching these initiatives.

The announcement says that to bridge this gap, “…the Google News initiative is partnering with Polis, the London School of Economics and Political Science Journalism think tank, to launch a training academy for 20 media professionals”. And this training academy will kick start in September 2021 and will be for journalists initially from Europe, Middle East and Africa region. So if you are a nonprofit, or a ministry working in that region and if you are in that space of news and publishing area, do have a look at this link.

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