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This news is from Google.

Our first big news of this week is from Google. Last week, Google announced the launch of a new updated Google Analytics with features that have had some improvements related to data analytics, reporting, etc.

Google introduces the new updated Google Analytics with multiple useful features.

Source: Google

One of the top things that really caught my attention was Enhanced Trend Monitoring, which is an automatic alert that alerts you when there is a significant change in your data. As a nonprofit or a ministry it is important for you to have a clear view of what is working, especially on your website or on other online assets where you have placed Google tracking code. These new features are going to help you to do that. Another interesting thing is the Predictive Metrics which they have added. They’ve been testing it for a while, but now this has been released. There are new predictive metrics that help you see who are a particular group of… segment of users who will take an action, who are likely to take an action.

For example, if you want people to donate, who are the user segments, who are likely to donate, who are likely to buy a product or some action that you want them to take. So that can be now clearly seen. And in fact, you can actually create an audience out of those people on Google Ads and release ad campaigns only to that segment. So lots of interesting features. I definitely recommend you check out these updates from Google.

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