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Our next news is about Google.

Source: Google

This is specifically about Google Assistant getting some new family-focused features. I wanted to bring this to your attention because I know as nonprofits, churches, and ministries, anything that impacts families is something that we need to pay attention to, because this is the future of how families will communicate. So we need to think how we can be ministering to them using these channels, as they get used to new habits, etc. These are the two features that I want to bring to notice: one is Broadcast, which is a family broadcast. You can set up a family group on Google assistant. And once you set it up, you can say, “Hey Google, send this broadcast to my family” and everybody in the family will get that broadcast.

No matter whether they are on iPhone or Android. This is where it gets interesting. So it is cross-device feature. As long as they’re in the family group, they’ll get the notification and they can again say, “Hey Google…”, and respond to that. So it almost becomes like a family chat environment. The other feature is called Family Bell, which is a reminder for the entire family. These are things that could become part of families in the future. Something for you to pay attention to, and understand, so that you know how families are communicating between each other.

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