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Source: Google

Last week, Google released details about the new updates in Google Analytics 4, which is based on privacy-related settings that people are starting to get on their mobile devices. Many of you know that companies like Apple are now giving an option to people asking companies not to track their online behavior. Now, most of us in the marketing scenario, most of you in the media teams of nonprofits and churches use Google Analytics to find how people behave online, so that you can serve them meaningfully in your next online campaign, or with the products that you create, on your website, on your mobile apps. Right? That’s how you use it. Now, you’re not going to have that data, which is in a way good, because going forward, privacy is the best way to approach anything. But it also leaves you with an option where you don’t have access to that (user) data. So what do you do?

How do you predict people’s behavior? How do you make decisions without having the real data? Now, Google is saying, in Google Analytics 4, they’re giving you the option to access a new modeled data, which means, they will pick up older data, and they will also pick up certain other signals, and they will build a model for you. That modeled data will fill in the gaps in Google analytics, and still try to help you make meaningful decisions. Very interesting. Without going too much into technical details, I highly recommend you check out this article, and pass it on to your technology team, so that they know how to use this modeled data to help you, as a leader, make meaningful decisions.

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