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Source: Google

Last week, Google released a new advertisement testing tool called Manual Experiments. Testing, trials and experiments are very important part of making an advertisement work. Because you really don’t know how people respond to your ads unless you start testing more options.

Google has been releasing multiple tools. This is one of the recent tools which, according to Google, makes things easier for you to experiment. Because testing and experimenting till date has not been very easy on Google. But now Google says that all you have to do is choose from one of the available experiment types, configure the amount of traffic to experiment with, and set the test duration. That’s it. And then you just have to go back and measure.

Google says they are coming up with 3 experiment types that you can start with – category block experiments, unified pricing rule experiments, and native ad style experiments. All 3 are a good place to start with if you want to look at experimenting with your ads. So do have a look, and pass this on to your advertising team.

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