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This could be an important news for your design team in your ministry. Because Google Images team has released details about how they’re adding a new feature within Google Images that gets listed… when you search for an image, you see all those images being listed in Google?… you can now find certain labels inside each image that tells you whether that image is ‘licensable’ or not.

Google adds licensing labels on images to help people reuse them
Sources: Google

Or what are the details of license? How can you use it, whether it has a Creative Commons license which you can use, or do you have to buy a license, or what is the copyrights behind it?

I think it’s important because there are many designs and content that gets flagged because they use images that are not licensed, and people simply don’t know.

Now your team can easily identify images that have a license, or get a license, or know that it does not require a license and does not require any permission, you can just go ahead and use it legally for free. So do check it out.

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