Today I watched Sachin Tendulkar hit a beautiful century (120 to be precise) against England in a group match of World Cup 2011.

Within a few seconds of that century being hit, one of my B-school classmates posted this comment on Facebook.

“Yet another ton by our own master blaster… Sachin is truly an inspiration! I am sure that God created Sachin for Cricket….!!!”

And to me, out of the whole sentence, the words that stood out were “…God created Sachin for Cricket…”

Well, well… to write this blog about using your “Gift” at your workplace, I could not have thought of a better example that could lead us in a thought process.

To make our learning easy, I am going to talk about a few stages which, I think, Sachin would have gone through in his life. Please imagine with me:

Stage 1: God creates Sachin and puts a Gift called ‘batting ability’ inside of him. Till this stage Sachin has no part to play in the whole Gift giving process. He never ASKED for a batting ability, it was GIVEN to him as a GIFT from the creator. So he had it.

Stage 2: Sachin identifies the Gift much early in his life. This is where he starts playing a role. Identification – Do you know YOUR Gift? Have you identified it? If yes, then good, read on. If no, then you better spend time to find out. Best place to start is to go to the creator, because he is the one who put it inside of you, in the first place. So run to him, spend time with him and learn what he has put inside of you. Some indications could be: You will love you Gifting area, you will not get tired of doing it, it will thrill you, it will satisfy you. But these are all subsequent steps, the first step is to go to the creator. Even if none of the above seem to lead you, the relationship with the creator will surely lead you to the answer to the trillion dollar question, “What is my Gift? And what is my purpose in life, in which I can use this Gifting effectively?”

Stage 3: Sachin identifies a ‘platform’ (a workplace – the Indian Cricket Team) where he can use his Gifting regularly. And he gets paid for it. This is the crucial stage, because, workplace is where we spend the prime time of our lives. So you need to identify the right ‘platform’ – your workplace, where you will be paid for doing something you love. (I can hear some of your saying, “talk practically man! Finding a job is a difficult task in itself, now where do I search for a platform?) The task and success in finding that ‘platform’ is what decides who becomes what. There aren’t 1000 Sachins in India, but I am sure that there are atleast 100 people who bat as good as him in this country of a billion people. So, what makes Sachin unique? How did he make it big when many other gifted-batsmen struggled? Well, it is the ‘platform’ that makes the difference. Sachin ‘identified’ the platform and ‘got on’ the platform and still ‘stays on’ the platform (& he is performing really well!). And did I say it was easy?! No. Finding a platform and getting on it is not easy, you may have to wait, you may have to do something else while it takes time to get on the platform, you may have to work hard to get on it, but KEEP your eyes on it and never give up trying to get on it. And one fine day, I am sure you will get on it.

Stage 4: After getting on the platform called ‘Indian cricket team’, Sachin never took his gift for granted, I reckon, he still spends time in the ground regularly to develop his gift. Do you work in a place where you can practice your Gift? Do you nurture and develop it on a daily basis? What gift-related course did you take up last? Which book did you read last? When? What do you do on a daily basis that develops your Gift everyday?

Stage 5: I am sure Sachin tries NOT to get distracted by spending time in areas other than where he is Gifted. (How do I know that?… Well, what was the last movie in which you saw Sachin as the Hero? Do you think he would not have got any offer to act?) What are YOU getting distracted about? At work? At home? Are you focusing only on your Gifting area or you wander off in a time-stealing direction often? Pray and ask your creator to help you concentrate on your area of Gifting alone.

Stage 6: I don’t know if Sachin does this or not. But you need to TEACH others what you know in your area of Gifting. Otherwise you will not grow much. You may ask, “What? I thought I was supposed to safeguard my professional secrets and not teach them to anyone, only then I will be most wanted? What about NDAs in profession? How can I go around teaching people the unique ability that I possess? Wont it put me out of business?”. My answer is a BIG NO!! It will NOT put you out of business. First, you need to understand the concept of “Sowing and Reaping”. Which is what we will be talking about in the next blog.

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