‘Smart’ – I think that is the closest modern equivalent of the Biblical word ‘Wisdom’.

When I say smart, I do not mean smart as in one’s sense of fashion or looks, but smart as in how one deals with life’s situations, handles people, solves problems, envisions the future, takes the right decisions, creates the right things and makes stuff happen around them.

Wise people are always most-wanted, well-respected and successful not just in workplaces, but also among friends and family, and in the community. People go to them for advice, suggestions, mentorship and inputs. These leaders are able to see things in a new light. They are able to see solutions amidst challenges. They are able to make sense of chaos and confusion. They remain calm, unflustered and cool in all circumstances and situations. So, as a working professional you should aim to be smart and wise in all the areas of your life.


But how does one become a smart person? How do you get or acquire this wisdom that can make you smart? The Bible gives us a simple strategy to acquire wisdom that can help us succeed.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” – James 1:5 (NIV)

Just Ask:

Asking sounds like a simple strategy. But that is all the Bible wants us to do. It says ask God and He will give it to you.

The simple act of asking shows your readiness to accept the fact that you are not perfect and you need help; not in a negative way, but it is sign of you being a sensible, practical person. Any sensible person is fully aware of what they have and what they don’t. And asking for help in areas that you need help is a smart thing to do, right? Asking also shows that you acknowledge and accept your partnership with God on this earth. It shows that you are willing to work along with God and receive instructions from Him to make things happen in your life. It shows that you are not putting everyone who depends on you at risk by trying to work things out on your own, but you are humble enough to say that you could use some help from someone who has the ability and power to help you. It is not essentially a sign of weakness, it is a sign of maturity. So just ask!

What do you ask for? Here is list of 5 types of wisdom that you can ask God for.

  1. Spiritual Wisdom

You can ask for spiritual wisdom which gives you the ability to understand who God is, what He has done for you, who you are in Christ Jesus, the purpose and power of the cross, what your life’s purpose is and how you can build God’s Kingdom using all that you do. Spiritual wisdom helps you hear God’s voice, be discerning, be sensitive from a spiritual perspective and take the right decisions. Spiritual wisdom also helps you stay grounded on your identity in God, even when there are challenging circumstances in life. This is the foundational wisdom that helps you build up all other areas of your life. So ask for it.

  1. Relational Wisdom

You can ask God for relational wisdom that gives you the ability to know how to deal with people. Jesus says that the second most important thing in life is your relationship with your ‘neighbour’, the first being your relationship with ‘God’. How we transact with people in our everyday life at work and outside work has a direct impact on our success. God did not create us to be isolated or independent. We were created to be social beings, living and transacting with people on a regular basis. To do that we need God’s wisdom. Interpersonal problems and miscommunication are the biggest reason for lack of peace and happiness in families and workplaces. So ask God for transactional wisdom.

  1. Financial Wisdom

Your success in life depends on how you go about doing 5 important actions concerning money – Make money, Use money, Save money, Invest money and Give money. There are multiple ways of doing all of the above 5. But the right way is the way God wants you to do it. So ask God for financial wisdom.

  1. Creative Wisdom

Creative wisdom is the ability to create something. This is what helps you become a good working professional or a business owner. This wisdom is what helps you create a good product, a useful service, a great experience, a benefit for your customers and a transformation in the lives of people (if you are a nonprofit). This wisdom is what helps you do what you do with your hands, skills, qualification, abilities and talent in an excellent manner.

God is the ultimate creator. And all that He creates is good. Moreover, we are created in His image and likeness. We can create like He did. So it is a smart thing to ask Him for creative wisdom. Today, the problem is that mankind creates many things out of worldly wisdom that they have self-learned or acquired from experience. That is why we have creations and inventions that destroy each other (bombs, guns, weapons, etc.) If we can start asking God for His creative wisdom, then we will have a world where all innovations and inventions are helpful, progressive and useful to each other. So ask God for creative wisdom.

  1. Health Wisdom

I know the term ‘health wisdom’ is not grammatically correct, but I used it nevertheless to convey the point. The Bible says that people perish due to lack of knowledge. This is literally true when it come to our physical health. Most of the time we suffer illness and diseases because of our lack of wisdom and knowledge about what to eat, when to eat and how to eat. Having wisdom about food, drink and eating patterns can solve most of our health issues.

It’s the same with mental health. A mind that meditates on God’s word and on God’s goodness will be happy and free from mental illnesses. When we praise God, both physical and mental ailments flee. Following simple principles of good food choices, a stress-free mind, healthy sleep patterns, work-life convergence, spending quality time with family and a bit of exercise can help us prevent most mental illnesses and diseases.

We read that Moses, at the age of 120 was of sound mind and such good eyesight that without prescription glasses he was able to see the promised land that was many miles away! So ask God for wisdom for your mental and physical health. I am sure He wants all of us, His children, to live a long, healthy and happy life so that we can be a blessing to many more people while we are in this world.

Hope these thoughts help you in a small way in your quest for wisdom. I pray that you find what you are looking for. If there are any other types of wisdom that you think we should ask for, do share your thoughts in the comments section. Thank you!

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