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This news is from Facebook.

Our next news is from Facebook. Earlier this week, Facebook announced two important features within the ‘Watch’ section of Facebook. Watch section is the one that holds all the videos.

Facebook launched two new features for Facebook Watch - Topics & Highlights

Source: Facebook

It’s almost has a YouTube look and feel, when you go into the Watch section. And this is important because these two new features help people discover videos within Facebook. The first is called Topics. So now when people are in the Watch section, they can follow a particular topic. Let’s just say you are talking about ‘Faith’ or topics like that. People who follow topics and subjects related to faith will now be able to see your video. Not only people who follow your Facebook page or your specific Facebook account, but now people can watch and discover your videos based on the topics that you talk about. Something important for ministries and nonprofits to consider.

This is dependent on the description and the hashtags that you use while posting. So keep that in mind. The second feature is a ‘highlight’ feature which showcases the popular… most popular videos, most watched videos, and also most liked videos within the Watch section. Those are the two big announcements from Facebook.

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