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Facebook releases details of what content is eligible to appear in recommendations
Source: Facebook

Earlier this week, Facebook released the recommendation guidelines, which it uses to filter out ineligible content that gets recommended on its platform.

Facebook has certain areas where it recommends other content, like when you’re going through Facebook content, you see those recommendations in ‘Pages you may like’ or it will say ‘Suggested for you’ or ‘People you may know’ etc., have you seen all those things? Those are the recommendations from Facebook to keep the social networking part of the platform going.

The idea is to connect you with new interest areas, to keep you on the platform and to add value to your experience. Now, Facebook has released guidelines on how they go about clearing certain content that will NOT be recommended.

Now, this is important for you to understand because recommended content is a great way to amplify your message. Your page actually might be eligible for recommendation to your audience based on certain criteria.

Now if you go through these guidelines to understand what is not eligible, therefore, whether you will be eligible for certain things, it helps you understand that your content might be getting additional exposure to certain audiences, if you follow certain guidelines.

Definitely check out this announcement from Facebook.

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