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Our next news is about Messenger.

Source: Messenger

Last week, Facebook Messenger celebrated 10-year birthday. It’s a big moment and they celebrated it by releasing new features. There are 3 things I want you to note from this news item. One is that the fact that it has been ten years of messenger. This space is really maturing. The private media space is starting to mature with WhatsApp, Messenger and Signal, and all these big players bringing their expertise to making the conversation smoother. The second and third thing that I want you to note are actually out of the features that they released.

They released many features and two things stood out to me. One is, Facebook bringing in Facebook Pay into Messenger. One of the features is about using Facebook Pay to interact and bring financial transactions into messenger, which is very interesting trend to note. The last thing is about this new feature called Word Effects. What they’re doing is they are tying up certain emojis to certain words. So for example, they say if you type the word Happy Birthday and then you hit send, there will be this effect, this word effect of emojis flying on the screen.

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