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This news is from Facebook.

Our next news is from Facebook. And it’s an important one related to languages. As a ministry, most of what we do is related to communication and languages. Right?

Facebook introduces an open source translation model that does not rely on English

Source: Facebook

You want to reach people in one location or maybe in multiple locations, which involves multiple languages, most of the time. And this announcement from Facebook says they are introducing a new open source, multilingual machine translation model, MMT model that can translate between any pair of 100 languages, without relying on English. So far machine translation has had English as the centerpiece. So if you want to translate two languages, you will go from one language to English, and then English to the other language. Because English data was much more solid and we had much more availability. But that also creates some gaps. Because each language has its own style and preference.

Now Facebook has announced that they have released this 100 languages, which can be translated directly from one to the other. And this is made available as an open source, which is a big news for you as a nonprofit or a ministry, if you are focused on this translation abilities, and you want to make use of as a ministry.

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