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Our first big news of this week is from Facebook.

Source: Facebook

Our first big news of this week is from Facebook. Facebook has entered the smart glasses market with its partnership with Ray-Ban’s parent company. They have released a really nice-looking sunglasses. They have included Ray-Ban’s very popular model the ‘Wayfarer’ along with other styles, and people can now wear them. They have 2 cameras inside the glasses, on either side, and there is a switch to flip it on and off. There are speakers so that you can take calls and listen to music inside the glass. Imagine, very soon you’re going to have people walking around your Church, or your Ministry event, or your nonprofit event, and they would be recording what they’re seeing, and posting it on Facebook and potentially on Instagram and on WhatsApp! So very interesting possibilities in the days to come. Facebook has really thought through this, and they have packed it with a 5MP camera, a good quality camera. Also they have thought through the process with a companion app, making it easier. Of course, they have clearly mentioned that this is the first-generation smart glass, so obviously they have more plans. They’re probably building more features into it. And their partnership with Ray-Ban is a multi-year partnership, so that’s also very clearly mentioned in the article.

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