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This news is from Facebook Groups.

Our next news is about Facebook Groups. And it is an important one. If you have multiple Facebook Groups, especially Facebook Groups with volunteers managing it and moderating it, then you might want to pay attention.

Groups get new safety measures

Source: Facebook Groups

Because I know many nonprofits, churches, and ministries do have multiple Facebook groups. Facebook has released multiple rules and regulations, and some of the steps they are taking towards making Facebook Groups better. And one important thing I wanted to bring to our attention is, Facebook saying they will now start auto-suggesting admin roles to members if there is no active admin in a group. The announcement says “…In the coming weeks, we’ll begin archiving groups that have been without an admin for some time. Moving forward when a single remaining admin chooses to step down, they can invite members to become admins. If no invited member accepts, we will suggest admin roles to members who may be interested”. So could be an important thing for you and your ministry and your small group strategy. Do check it out.

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