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This news is from Facebook.

Our next news is about cloud gaming. There was a big announcement last week about Facebook entering the cloud gaming space in a bigger way.

Cloud gaming space gets competitive as Facebook expands its presence.

Source: Facebook

Facebook has always had games as part of the app, but now, earlier this week, they have announced that they are launching several cloud-streamed games. This is going to be available initially on Android and Web app. And you can play it with your keyboard and just the regular ways in which you play Facebook games, but only it’s getting bigger. The user experience is going to be much better because Facebook is bringing in new technology. They are also announcing new ad formats. Gaming is a big way in which people spend time on the digital space. It’s a big tool of influence. So if you as a nonprofit or a ministry that has been looking at gaming as one of the ways in which you can serve people, minister to people, then this is an announcement you definitely want to pass on to your media team.

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