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This news is from Facebook.

Our first big news of this week is from Facebook. Facebook announced last week that they are bringing new changes to Pages. Facebook Pages has almost been the same for many years now. Not much of changes. But now Facebook is starting to rethink the way Pages work for organizations.

Source: Facebook

As a ministry, I would like you to pay attention to two of the important things that Facebook announced. One is about Page Followers. The announcement says, “We are removing Page Likes and focusing on Followers”. I don’t know whether many of you noticed that there are two things: Likes and Followers. They’ve been popping up prominently for the last few months… a couple of years, actually. And if you wondered what they are, Followers are people who actually want to receive updates from that particular Page.

Likes are just people who have clicked the Like button. So, go back and check your ministry page, see how many followers you have, because that is where Facebook is going to focus on, as you go along. The other interesting feature is Q&A. Facebook released a new text-based Q&A format.

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