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This news is from Facebook.

Our next news is an interesting one from Facebook about the acquisition of a CRM tool called Kustomer. This is a cross-channel CRM tool. 

Source: Facebook

The reason I wanted to bring this to your notice is that it is an indication of a future trend in private messaging relationship management. We as a ministry are all about connecting with people, contacting them one-on-one, ministering to them, serving them, having conversations. Right? Most of us. That’s what our space is. So, this technology trend could be important for you. What this acquisition by Facebook means is, Facebook sees the future of having one tool to connect with all your customers who might be using different tools. For example, all your audience, your ministry audience could send you a message from email, SMS, WhatsApp, and whatever they use. But you as an organization are able to collect all this information in one tool and then communicate with them. Now, Facebook wants to be that tool.

That’s why they are adding this CRM to Facebook, and you will be able to interact with all of them using just Facebook. So it’s a very interesting trend, something for you to think about and prepare your ministry for, as this could be a big thing in the future.

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