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This is the show that equips the Church, the Body of Christ for the Digital Era. We talk about topics that help Christian leaders and communications teams in Churches, Ministries, Nonprofits serve more effectively in the online space using digital & social media tools.

Everyone seems to be talking about Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads, and Google Ads.

Why is there a sudden surge in discussions around social media advertising? Why should anyone advertise on social media?

You probably also read articles about ad-budgets and the allocation of resources for social media advertising.

But isn’t it all supposed to be free? Why should your nonprofit or ministry have to pay to reach your own followers on social media?

These are important questions that need to be answered.

And that is what we will try to do this week in The Connected Church podcast.

But first, we will answer an audience question: “How often should our ministry post on social media channels?” (such a great question).

To listen to the answers in the full episode

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Have a great day.

Stay Connected. Stay Blessed.

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