Hello, I’m Natchi Lazarus. Today I want to talk to you about creating a campaign release strategy for your social media campaigns. This is something that I go deep into in my book, The Connected Church. But today I want to talk to you about the importance of creating a campaign release strategy.

You have to be very intentional about creating a campaign release strategy because most of the time, I see nonprofits and ministries creating good content, and then the moment they have the content, they’re so excited about the content, and rightfully so because most of the content is good, and they just release it on social media. They just say, “okay, we’ve got this video. Let’s just put it out there. Let it just go to the people.” There’s a sense of urgency, which is important. You have to have your content out there as soon as possible. I’m not saying no.

But take a few hours or at least a few minutes to think about your content release strategy. Like, what time are you going to post? Who are the people that are going to see it? What are your audience doing when you post?

Because on social media, the first few minutes of your posting is very important. If nobody’s liking or watching or commenting or doing something on your post for the first few minutes, or even the first couple of hours, then it indicates to the social media channel that this may not be a good content for them to propagate on the social media network. Whereas the moment when you post, if somebody, say, likes or comments or looks at it, then for example Facebook knows, ‘Oh somebody is liking it. Then maybe more people should look at it’, because they want good content to be seen by more people, so they will start promoting it for you.

Maybe you can even release ads after some time. Or when are you going to do that? And what are you going to support your release with? Like, are you going to send an email right after you post that video? Or how are you going to let your audience know that there is something like this that has been posted on Facebook or YouTube or any other channel?

So what I’m saying is, without going into much detail, what I’m saying is be intentional about your campaign release strategy. Every single content that you put out there, every single campaign that you release on social media, be intentional, especially in a time as this where there is a lockdown, people have a lot of options online.

They’re spending a lot of time online, which is an opportunity, I agree, but at the same time, more people are also creating content, which means your competition is more for the mind space of your audience. You have to be very intentional. You need to know your audience. You need to know the timing of release. You need to know the mindset of your audience and all these factors. And to consider these factors, you need to spend time creating your campaign release strategy. That’s what I want to share with you. Go ahead and create the strategy for your next campaign. God bless you. Bye.

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