One of the questions I often get asked about WhatsApp is related to WhatsApp Broadcast list. WhatsApp has two big features when it comes to groups or communicating to a group of people.

One is called WhatsApp Groups, which most people are familiar with. Most ministries use it. It’s like bringing a group of people together and then allowing them to communicate with each other so everybody sees everybody. Everybody sends messages to each other. That’s WhatsApp Groups.

But WhatsApp Broadcast list is a separate feature, a gem of a feature, which many ministries don’t use. If your goal is to communicate something or announce something or tell something to a group of people one way, then the best tool to use is WhatsApp Broadcast list, not WhatsApp Groups.

Suppose you have a congregation or a group of members in a nonprofit or a ministry that you want to convey a message to, then what you should be setting up is Broadcast list. Not a Group.

A Group is meant for interaction with everybody, where everybody communicates something. But if you have an announcement and you want to say something one way, then a broadcast list is the best way to do it.

Broadcast list is like a BCC in email, where you can add multiple people and send out a message. They will not know who else received it. They will not know who else is part of that list, but each of them will get that message one-on-one as though you sent it to them personally. That is what a Broadcast list is.

Here is one of the articles I wrote about how to set up a Broadcast list and you can check out that article if you want to learn more about it.

It’s a very useful tool. I highly recommend you check out and use it for your ministry, especially for announcements.

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