Debt Free Living

The rep – Repurposing Business community in SanFrancisco, California and the founders of rep, Brett & Lyn Johnson had organised a meeting for me to speak about “Debt Free Living” and the principles behind a financially-free life with no chains or bondages.

I shared a bit about my personal story of overcoming debt and the principles that helped me overcome. I also shared the practical ways in which anyone can be debt-free.

The Bible says, “The borrower is a slave to the lender“. It is not God’s will for any of us to live under the trap & oppression of debt. We are increasingly seeing the rise of a society that is built around ‘getting in debt’ and ‘staying in debt’ culture. Credit Cards that are over limit, excess borrowing, overspending, emotional buying, living out of our means and spending our future for our present pleasure are all becoming accepted norms. Even though it sounds ok when someone says, “its harmless to be in a little bit of debt” and you see everyone around you do it, that is the NOT the BEST way to live. There is a better, debt-free, financially-wise lifestyle that can be achieved by understanding & applying simple ancient wisdom. That is what I shared with the participants in the session.

I later realised that it was a very relevant topic for the struggling economy and participants came up to me after the session & shared about how it made sense and was relevant to their personal situation. I was glad that it was useful to many.

If you are in Debt or know someone in Debt who might benefit from this kind of teaching, do send me an email: or leave a comment below, and I will send the recordings of such Debt-destruction teaching sessions (Free of cost, of course!) so that they can benefit and get out of Debt. My heart is to see people live a debt-free & prosperous life.

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