Hi. In the 4th chapter of my book, The Connected Church, I talk about content that will help you fulfil your purpose. When we talk about content marketing in the social media and the digital media world, most of the time it’s like… what is trending? what do people like? what is going to work on social media? what kind of content makes you look good? and so on.

Does your content help you fulfil your purpose?

But one of the most important things about content is: does it help you fulfil your purpose? In business terms that would be, does it help you achieve your objectives? So people say, “Okay, list down your objectives and make sure you create content that will help you achieve your objectives”.

It is about God-given purposes?

But in the Christian context, in the church context, you’ve got to take it a little further and use the word purpose. Because we are here for a purpose. God has called us for a purpose. Your church exists for a purpose. Your ministry exists for a purpose. We are all driven by a purpose that is beyond our lives, right? It’s something that comes from God himself. He has called each of us to do something, to serve people in a particular way. So when you think of your content marketing, keep THAT purpose in mind. Not just organizational objectives, but God’s purposes. What has God called you to do? What does God want you to do?

It is easy to get distracted.

Because you could get distracted with so many things. You start creating TikTok videos because TikTok is the big thing. You start creating Instagram stuff because Instagram is the coolest thing. Or you do something on Facebook because a consultant like me comes and tells you, “Use Facebook!”. While you have to do all of that (and I recommend you to all of that) I also recommend that you don’t do anything unless until you’re sure.

Stay focussed on your God-given purpose.

No matter who tells you, whether it’s me or anybody else, no matter who tells you, unless you’re a 100% sure that this is aligned with your God-given purpose, DON’T DO IT. I know ministries that just focus on one channel because that helps them fulfil the purpose that God has called them to do. A guy does only something on WhatsApp. I know a person who does only YouTube videos because their purpose is to do something and that channel and that content helps them accomplish that purpose. And that’s it.

That’s all that matters. That you are accomplishing your God-given purpose through a particular channel and a content strategy. So think about that. Align everything with your God-given purpose. All right, I’ll see you next week with another thought until then, stay connected. Stay blessed. God bless you. Bye.

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