Get a fresh, new perspective.

You may not realize it, but you already have what it takes to succeed in the digital space.

All you need is an expert who can come in and help you see things differently, in a new light. Someone who can tweak your plans and equip you with the right tools to accomplish your goals.

Natchi Lazarus has been helping clients get a fresh perspective for more than 15 years. He can help you too.

Consulting Services

Consulting Call

Sometimes all you need is a quick chat with an expert – to brainstorm an idea, to get answers to a set of questions or to simply clear your head. You can book my time on an hourly basis and get on a call with me for advice and inputs.

Strategy Consultant

If you like to accomplish a specific social media or digital marketing goal, I can help you create a strategy and an actionable plan. Eg: Setting up a team or implementing workflow & tools for running ad campaigns.

On-board Consultant

If you need a consultant to work with you on an ongoing basis – coaching, mentoring and helping you (and your team) implement and accomplish long-term digital goals, I can come on board and work with your team.

serving those who serve




Natchi Lazarus is a digital marketing and social media consultant. For more than 15 years, he has been working with businesses, startups and nonprofits across various global markets. He helps them connect and communicate with their customers, audience and stakeholders, using digital and social media. 

He is a published author and a keynote speaker. His book on social media strategy for faith-based organisations, titled The Connected Church is available on Amazon stores worldwide. 

He uses proprietary frameworks like the S.P.I.R.I.T. Framework and consulting tools that he has developed over the years to help clients accomplish marketing communication goals and objectives.

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