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LinkedIn releases a new Focussed Inbox & Machine Translated Captions: Connected Church News

LinkedIn made announcements about the new features that they are adding to the platform. There were multiple items in the announcement, including ways to display your certificates from organizations like Oracle, IBM and Meta in an official way. But there are two items that I wanted to bring to your notice. One is called Focused Inbox, where they are taking the direct messaging option within LinkedIn and cleaning it up a bit by creating a separate space for messages that may not be fully relevant to you. So those items will move to a separate space and you can focus on important conversations. So this is in line with what’s happening in Messenger and Instagram DM and so on. So it’s not very surprising, but it’s good. It’s come to LinkedIn where there are lots of spams. Now, the second feature that I want to bring to your attention is called Machine Translated Captions. The announcement says that LinkedIn Learning Videos will now have automated Machine Translation Captions that will help you watch and learn in new languages.

Here is the full list of the Top 5 News Items from Week 4, September 2022 with source links from Spotify, Canva, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn.

🗞️ News 1: YouTube announces a new set of monetization options for Shorts Creators

Source: YouTube

🗞️ News 2: Spotify launches Audiobooks strengthening its position in the industry

Source: Spotify

🗞️ News 3: Canva launches Visual Worksuite with collaborative documents & slides

Source: Canva

🗞️ News 4: TikTok partners with Penguin allowing users to tag their books in videos

Source: TikTok

🗞️ News 5: LinkedIn releases a new Focussed Inbox & Machine Translated Captions

Source: Linkedin

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