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This news item is part of the top 5 news (Week 4, Jun 2024) specially curated for leaders of Nonprofits, Churches, and Faith-based Social Ventures. 

WhatsApp has introduced new functionalities within its calls feature, tailoring it to be highly beneficial for ministries and non-profit organizations. Here are the key updates:

Increased Participant Capacity

One of the most notable updates is the ability to have 32 participants on a video call simultaneously. This feature is accessible across all devices, meaning regardless of whether you use a mobile phone or a desktop, you can now connect with up to 32 people at once. This expanded capacity is particularly useful for hosting events such as prayer meetings or community gatherings. With this feature, organizing and conducting large virtual meetings on WhatsApp has become more convenient.

Speaker Spotlight Feature

Another significant addition is the speaker spotlight feature. This functionality allows users to identify the current speaker easily, as their image or video feed will be highlighted or spotlighted. This feature functions similarly to Zoom’s spotlight feature and is designed to maintain clear communication during virtual gatherings by emphasizing the active speaker, ensuring participants can follow conversations more effectively.

Screen Sharing with Audio

Lastly, WhatsApp now supports screen sharing with audio. This feature can be particularly valuable in a ministry setting, where sharing sermons, messages, Christian movies, or other multimedia presentations with audio to an audience is often necessary. The ability to share your screen with audio ensures the message is received clearly and effectively by all participants.

Enhanced Security

It’s important to note that all these features are end-to-end encrypted. This provides an added layer of security, ensuring that communications within the app remain private and protected.

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