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This week, we have news about OpenSea, Adobe, Android, TikTok, YouTube.

🗞️ News 1: Android Auto gets an upgrade with new in-car features & design

Source: Google

Android Auto team from Google made an announcement last week that they are bringing multiple new features to the platform, including split screen that lets you have two elements, for example a map on one side and a media player on the other while you’re driving, making it easier for you. The design has been revamped. It’s made more responsive and easier to operate. But what I wanted to bring to your notice is a couple of things in the announcement that gives us a peek into audience behavior even inside a car. The behavior of consuming content. The announcement says that Google is bringing YouTube and other streaming services to Android Auto, so that people can consume content inside the car, on their screens. The announcement says people’s screens in the car are getting bigger, they are consuming more content. Google also says that the 3 things that people are looking for, when they’re driving are, navigation, media, and communication. So media is right there.

🗞️ News 2: Adobe brings social media publishing into Creative Cloud Express

Source: Adobe

Adobe has announced that they are adding a content scheduling feature inside their Creative Cloud Express platform. I know many ministries, churches and nonprofits listening to me use Adobe for your Creative of process like design and video. Now inside that platform you are getting the capability to plan, to schedule, to preview, and publish on social media platforms. This comes with Adobe’s acquisition of a tool called Content Cal that they acquired a while ago. Now they are integrating the features from Content Cal into the platform. I will link to all the details about this integration. If you’re already using Adobe, then you’ll you definitely want to pass this on to your social media team.

🗞️ News 3: YouTube expands testing of Channel Memberships Gifting feature

Source: YouTube

Youtube has started expanding the testing of Channel Memberships Gifting. If you remember, Channel Membership Gifting was something that they launched last year for Channel Memberships, which you are already aware of. If you don’t know what Channel Membership is, check out our earlier videos. We actually covered that news, and now YouTube is expanding that gifting to more users. The announcement says “with Membership Gifting, your channel members can buy a set number of channel Memberships-5,10, 20, etc., in a single purchase, that YouTube will gift out to other viewers in your livestream”. There is a request form. If you want this facility for your YouTube channel, you fill out a request form. I will link to that request form and details in the show notes. Do have a look.

🗞️ News 4: OpenSea updates its Verification & ‘Copymints’ Prevention process

Source: OpenSea

OpenSea, the biggest platform in the NFT space, has announced that they are introducing a new verification process. An upgraded verification process that gives you a blue tick badge similar to your Twitter verification badge. Once you’re verified, there are eligibility criteria to be met. We will link to all those details in the Show Notes. Do have a look. Your collection can also have a verification badge to prove authenticity. And as an additional step they are also taking measures to prevent ‘copy minting’, which is an issue in the NFT space that needs to be addressed. They are addressing it with a couple of features like ‘Human review’ and ‘Image Recognition Technology’. I will link to all these details in the Show Notes. If you are interested in the NFT space, or if you own an NFT, or if you’re learning about it, then it’s definitely something you want to check out. It’s nice to see security and such topics coming into the web3 space.

🗞️ News 5: TikTok announces #ForYou Summit in Canada & The Showbiz List

Source: Summit | TikTok

TikTok has announced its first #ForYou Summit, which is a live, in-person summit that happens in Toronto, Canada, on June 1 & 2. If you use TikTok for Ministry and if you happen to be in that part of the world, then you might want to have a look. We will link to the RSVP page in the Show Notes. Tiktok has also announced the release of a list called the ShowBiz List. The announcement says that this is a list that recognizes and celebrates the list of people who use TikTok from the showbiz industry, like filmmakers, creative people, artists, actors who bring Hollywood-type content to TikTok, to a vertical screen. They are recognizing these people and they’ve released this list to honor them

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