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This week, we have news about Discord, Wikipedia, Twitter, OpenAI, ChatGPT, Meta.

🗞️ News 1: Twitter announces ‘Verification for Organizations’ & annual payment 

Source: Twitter | The Verge

Twitter made couple of important announcements last week. One is the opening up of verification process for organizations. This is the Twitter Blue tick verification process, but it’s for organizations. Therefore, it’s not Blue tick but it’s a gold tick. So if you are interested in getting a golden tick and verification from Twitter then you can actually enter the waitlist using a form. So we will link to it in the Show Notes. Just click on the form and fill out the details of your organization. And Twitter Blue help site also made an announcement about their annual plans. So apart from monthly plan now one can pay the fee on an annual basis with some kind of discount so that they can be verified throughout the year and then they can renew it on a yearly basis. So they have released the whole table about all the pricing plans on the Twitter support side, we will link to that also in the Show Notes.

🗞️ News 2: Discord acquires Gas app; Meta partners with Shutterstock for AI 

Source: Discord | Ad Week

Last week we saw one acquisition and one partnership in the digital space that I wanted to bring to your notice. First is about Discord acquiring an app called Gas. Discord is one of the top chat apps today within the web3 ecosystem. And Gas is a new App that has become very popular among teenagers and high schoolers they already have more than a million active users on a daily basis and Discord has now acquired this app. This is a pole based app, so with a very interesting interface. So check it out on the App Store and it will be interesting to see how Discord builds this into their ecosystem. The second news is about Meta’s partnership with Shutterstock. So Shutterstock, as you know, is an image marketplace, image and video marketplace that have been working on AI a lot. So nowt hey say they have partnered with Meta for the user base and their AI capabilities. Very interesting.

🗞️ News 3: Wikipedia Website gets a Design & Interface Makeover after a Decade

Source: Wikimedia Foundation

Wikipedia, which is one of the top visited websites in the world, has announced that they are getting a design and an interface makeover after more than ten years of remaining the same. Wikimedia foundation, which runs the Wikipedia project, has made these announcements and they say that an updated interface aimed at making the site more accessible and easier to use has been launched and they say that they made additions like Improved Search, a more prominently located tool for switching between languages. Wikipedia is available in multiple languages, as you may know and an updated header offering access to commonly used links and an updated table of content section for articles and other design related changes. So the approach for the change is also interesting because they say 30different volunteer groups from around the world took part in the process of updating.

🗞️ News 4: OpenAI CEO shares details on Future plans – Video AI, ChatGPT, Microsoft   

Source: TechCrunch

If you looked at our last week’s news episode, you might have noticed a news item related to OpenAI and Microsoft’s interest in investing in the organization. This news item is a follow up of that where the OpenAI CEO gives an interview about the future of the organization and the discussion includes this Microsoft deal and what it covers and how it’s not exclusive and so on. And there are lots of interesting facts in this interview including the possibility of a video model for AI, just like how they have created DALL-E which is the image AI and Chat GPT which is the chat tool. They are also talking about a video tool which can generate video AI content and he also talks about the future of chat GPT and also some interesting facts about the historical context, etc. So you do not want to miss this. We link to all the details in the show notes. Check it out. There is also a full video in this article.

🗞️ News 5: [Web3] NAB bank launches AUDN Stablecoin pegged to Australian dollar

Source: Australian Financial Review

In our Web3 news, we look at a major Australian bank, NAB Bank, launching their own stable coin, which is pegged to the Australian dollar. National Australia Bank, which is the NAB bank, is the second bank now out of the four major banks operating in Australia to announce their own stable coin. ANZ was the first bank to make that announcement. And now we have NAB’s announcement. These stable coin, AUDN will be backed one is to one by the Australian dollar. And when it comes to operation in real time, and if it enables cross border remittances, then this could become a potential alternative to the swift payment network system that is currently being used by the banks today, which is a little more costlier. The other interesting part is Australia’s Reserve Bank is also piloting their own CBDC central bank digital currency as we speak. So it’ll be interesting to see how all of this work together.

Connected Church News: Digital & Social Media – Week 4, January 2023
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