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[Web3] Chipotle's new dish in Metaverse & impact of The Ethereum Merge: Connected Church News

In our Web3 news this week we look at Chipotle, the Mexican fast-food chain which has launched a new dish exclusively on the Metaverse first. So, this interesting announcement is followed by their earlier successful launch of a Burrito Builder on Roblox which was very successful and now they have launched this dish, but this time they are launching it exclusively on the Metaverse first. So, people on Roblox can actually participate in this interactive cooking experience. They can chop the ingredients, put them together, they can do all the cooking there and once they finish it, they’ll get a code which they can redeem for the real dish in the stores. Very interesting way of using the Metaverse to launch a brand or a product. The other news we have is about the Ethereum merge. We talked about that in the last week news, and we have a couple of interesting articles that talks about what that means to the NFT holders, for example, and for the future of Ethereum and so on. Do take a look.

Here is the full list of the Top 5 News Items from Week 3, September 2022 with source links from TikTok, Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Metaverse, Web3.

🗞️ News 1: Facebook launches ‘Community Chats’, merging Groups & Messenger 

Source: Facebook

🗞️ News 2: Google upgrades Ads Manage assets & releases vertical video-ad tools

Source: Google | Google Blog

🗞️ News 3: TikTok releases ‘TikTok Now’ with daily prompts similar to BeReal app

Source: TikTok

🗞️ News 4: Snapchat announces new tools & opens up ‘Snapchat for Web’ to all users

Source: Snapchat

🗞️ News 5: [Web3] Chipotle’s new dish in Metaverse & impact of The Ethereum Merge

Source: CNBC | World Economic Forum | Decrypt

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