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This week, we have news about Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Meta, Gamestop, Web3.

🗞️ News 1: Instagram tests a new Producer tool to Live Stream from a desktop


This is big news for you if you are a church or a ministry that goes live on social media channels (like your church service going live every week). Instagram has announced that they are testing a new tool called Live Producer that will soon let you go live on Instagram using your broadcasting software on desktops, like OBS, or Wire cast, or Stream Yard, or one of those software that you may already be using. This is big news because, so far this was a limitation, at least officially. You are not able to go live on Instagram using these software… Broadcasting software. You had to use a mobile, but now looks like you may soon be able to do that. TechCrunch says that this is under testing, so it’s not fully rolled out, but very soon it may be rolled out. So do pass this information on to your live streaming team or your Tech team so that they can watch out for this in the future, as they start rolling this out widely to accounts.

🗞️ News 2: Twitter announces testing of CoTweets, a Collaborative Tweeting feature


Twitter has announced a new feature that is under testing called Co Tweets. This is a collaborative tweeting feature similar to Instagram. As you know, on Instagram, you can add a collaborator and your Instagram video or your post will will appear in both accounts. Your collaborator and you can reach both the audience with a single post. Have you seen that on Instagram? It will have both (account) names on top? Similarly, now you can have a tweet with two account names appearing about the tweet, as you invite a collaborator, and you can reach the audience of both the accounts. It could be very useful for churches, especially if you have a church account, and you have an account of your other pastors, that you want to add as collaborators. That way, you can reach both the audiences, and it becomes a collaborative tweet that helps you widen your reach. Do check out this new feature.

🗞️ News 3: Spotify acquires Heardle, a Wordle-like gaming tool for music discovery


This is news that could be interesting for all of you worship leaders and musicians. Spotify, the leading distribution company in the music space, has acquired a new tool called Heardle. Have you heard of Wordle, a very popular game? I’m sure you have. This is an audio version of Wordle. Like Wordle, which works on words, Heardle works on audio. Okay, you have to (spend time to) figure that out, if you haven’t tested it. But it’s a very popular tool. Already popular with lots of users. Spotify has acquired it, to help them make their music discovery process better and more fun, with gaming elements added to it. Similar to the game Wordle, this will also start giving you clues first. Then, it will give you another shorter audio for you to guess what song it is. And then it will give you a few more chances as the audio starts expanding. Finally, Spotify will let you listen to the whole audio. A very interesting way of discovering music.

🗞️ News 4: Meta VR ecosystem will no longer require a Facebook profile to login


Meta made an important announcement that starting August 2022, you do not require a Facebook profile for your VR… Social VR interactions, inside the Meta’s virtual reality space like Horizon World and Meta Quest headset, etc. So far, you needed a Facebook profile to do anything inside that. Now Mark Zuckerberg is creating the gap, or widening the gap, between Facebook and Meta as a brand, especially in the Metaverse. People can now create their own fresh Meta account without carrying over any Facebook’s history. All those years of data from Facebook, you don’t have to carry over to the metaverse. You can have a fresh start in the metaverse, create an account, create a profile, and move forward. I think it’s good. It might bring back few people who are not comfortable with things that has to do with Facebook. It might bring more audience. And the metaverse is full of ministry opportunities for churches and ministries. So it seems to be a good thing.

🗞️ News 5: [Web3] GameStop launches a NFT Marketplace for gaming collectibles


In our web3 news this week, we have announcement from GameStop, about the launch of their own NFt Marketplace. GameStop is one of the largest retailers in the gaming industry, and they have been very active in the Web3 space with GameStop Wallet, and now they have entered the NFT Market place space. This is a great example for you, as a nonprofit, a church, or a ministry can think about using NFT for your focused, niche audience, to build a community around digital collectibles. I will link to this article in the Show Notes. When you look at it, you will understand how GameStop has structured this NFT Marketplace to enable their community of gamers and creators in the gaming space, interact with each other and have this transaction using NFTs as a tool, a digital collectible as a tool.

Connected Church News: Digital & Social Media – Week 3, July 2022
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