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Spotify acquires Heardle, a Wordle-like gaming tool for music discovery: Connected Church News

This is news that could be interesting for all of you worship leaders and musicians. Spotify, the leading distribution company in the music space, has acquired a new tool called Heardle. Have you heard of Wordle, a very popular game? I’m sure you have. This is an audio version of Wordle. Like Wordle, which works on words, Heardle works on audio. Okay, you have to (spend time to) figure that out, if you haven’t tested it. But it’s a very popular tool. Already popular with lots of users. Spotify has acquired it, to help them make their music discovery process better and more fun, with gaming elements added to it. Similar to the game Wordle, this will also start giving you clues first. Then, it will give you another shorter audio for you to guess what song it is. And then it will give you a few more chances as the audio starts expanding. Finally, Spotify will let you listen to the whole audio. A very interesting way of discovering music.

Here is the full list of the Top 5 News Items from Week 3, July 2022 with source links from Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Meta, Gamestop, Web3.

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🗞️ News 3: Spotify acquires Heardle, a Wordle-like gaming tool for music discovery


🗞️ News 4: Meta VR ecosystem will no longer require a Facebook profile to login


🗞️ News 5: [Web3] GameStop launches a NFT Marketplace for gaming collectibles


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