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This news item is part of the weekly top 5 news bulletin (from Week 3, Jun 22) specially packaged for leaders of Nonprofits, Churches, and Faith-based Social Ventures. 

Instagram expands Reels to 90 secs; releases Pinning & Reels Stickers: Connected Church News

Instagram made some interesting announcements last week. First is about the ability that they’re giving you to Pin posts or Reels to your profile page. Let’s say you’re a Ministry, now you can choose certain Reels or certain posts, 3 of them, and you can Pin it to your profile. So, it doesn’t matter what you’re posting now. If you posted something really good earlier, and you want to showcase that to people when they come and check out your ministry, or your nonprofit, then you can post the top 3 posts there. So people can look at it. I think it’s a useful feature. Definitely check it out. Head of Instagram also took to his Reels and he listed out other interesting features that they are launching, especially for Reels, and that includes expansion of Reels to 90 seconds. They are starting to increase it. As you know, TikTok has gone all the way, kept increasing one by one, and they’ve gone all the way to 10 minutes. Now, Reels is following suit. Which is great, because we are all into teaching, and educational content, which needs more time. So, more the merrier.

Here is the full list of the Top 5 News Items from Week 3, June 2022 with source links from Apple, TikTok, Google, Instagram, PayPal, Web3.

🗞️ News 1: Apple WWDC 2022: Highlights & Trends for Nonprofits & Churches

Source:Wired | Apple

🗞️ News 2: Google for Education tools, Classroom & Meet get a major upgrade


🗞️ News 3: TikTok launches Memoji-like Avatars to be used as overlays in videos


🗞️ News 4: Instagram expands Reels to 90 secs; releases Pinning & Reels Stickers

Source:Instagram | Adam Mosseri

🗞️ News 5: Web3: PayPal allows transfer to external wallets; Meta syncs VR & Phone

Source:PayPal | Oculus VR

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