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This week, we have news about Android, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Metaverse, Web3.

🗞️ News 1: YouTube enters LMS space with Online Courses & a Player for Education 

Source: YouTube

YouTube recently released two articles related to their plans of making YouTube a learning center. A learning management system, LMS. LMS is a software that allows you to host online courses, have students, get paid for it and all of that, right? YouTube wants to become that platform. It’s very interesting the way they are thinking about it. I will link to a couple of articles, do have a look. As churches and ministries, we are all in the education business, right? It’s important for us to understand how social media companies like YouTube are thinking about education. YouTube says, there are already billions of people searching for stuff on YouTube. So instead of just showing free videos, we actually want to have online courses and we want to have a separate video player for education. Lots of interesting plans from YouTube. You definitely want to pass this on to your ministry media team.

🗞️ News 2: Twitter starts testing ‘Edit’ Tweets & updates its ‘Birdwatch’ program

Source: Twitter | Twitter Blog

A couple of news items from Twitter last week. First is about the official testing of the edited tweets feature. Editing tweets with the edit button is a feature that Twitter has been playing around with for a while. Even were ported it earlier a couple of times. But now they released an official tweet that says this is an edited tweet, we are testing it kind of a thing with an edit button. So, it’s now official that they are testing it and it’s going to be rolled out to all of us in the days to come. And it looks like it will be a temporary edit button that allows you to edit your tweet only for the first few seconds, just in case you have a typo or something like that, which is great. The second news is about Birdwatch program. Birdwatch is a program, it’s a collaborative program where you can be a collaborator, a contributor who informs Twitter about any misleading information on the platform. They’ve opened up the signup process for that. Do check it out if you’re interested to be a collaborator.

🗞️ News 3: Android releases new business features for its Enterprise level users

Source: Google

Google has released details about the new business features that they are adding to their Android Enterprise level users. The features include an upgraded API for Android and also an interesting feature called work profile that helps you separate your work-related profile on your phone from your personal profile, which means it’s almost like dual workspaces inside your phone, which could be really useful. And they’ve also helped the IT admins with additional security features and so on. So, we will link to all these details in the show notes. Share this with your IT Admin team in your ministry or your church if you are an Android Enterprise level user already, or you’re planning to use Android Enterprise in your Ministry.

🗞️ News 4: TikTok, Meta & YouTube release new resources for short-form video

Source: YouTube PDF Guide | TikTok | Meta

YouTube shots. TikTok videos. Instagram reels. These are names that you will keep hearing again and again in the social media space because this is a content type that’s absolutely exploding with millions of viewers every day. Now all these three companies that are leading the space have released useful resources last week about creating these short form content. While TikTok and YouTube give practical tips on how to create, the Instagram resource is very interesting. It’s about creators in different parts of the world. For example, if you’re wondering people in Spain or France or in Africa or Middle East, how do they create these short form content? What is popular? What are the trends? If you’re wondering about that as a ministry that works in these areas, then you can now go select that area and look at the content from the top creators there, so very useful resource. Definitely share this with your ministry social media team.

🗞️ News 5: [Web3] Ford enters Metaverse & NFT space; Trademark applications surge

Source: CoinTelegraph

In our Web3 news this week, I wanted to highlight two news items to you. One is the entry of Ford Motor company into the Web3 space. Ford Motor company seems to be filing multiple trademark applications related to virtual cars, virtual vans, online stores for NFTs and various other things. The way they are looking at Metaverse and NFTs space is very interesting. The other news is also related to trademark applications. The same attorney who highlighted Ford’s entry also says that there are more trademark applications related to crypto and NFT in 2022 than it was in 2021. 2022, September already saw more than 5000applications, whereas 2021, the entire year, we only had 2000 applications. So, my question is, as a nonprofit church or ministry, whatever you are trying to do in the crypto and NFT space, should you be thinking of trademark applications related to that? I don’t know. Something for you to think about.

Connected Church News: Digital & Social Media – Week 2, September 2022
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