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This news item is part of the top 5 news (Week 2, Mar 2024) specially curated for leaders of Nonprofits, Churches, and Faith-based Social Ventures. 

Instagram has recently announced several new features within its direct messaging (DM) functionality.

Edit Sent Messages

The first and most significant new feature is the ability to edit a direct message within 15 minutes of sending it. This can be incredibly handy in a variety of ministry circumstances. For example, if you accidentally send a message with a typo or incorrect information, you can quickly edit it before the recipient sees it. This feature can help you maintain a professional image and avoid confusion or misunderstandings.

Pin Chats

Another new feature is the ability to pin up to three chats at the top of your inbox. This can be useful if you’re having conversations with important people in your ministry and want to keep those chats easily accessible. By pinning the chats, you won’t have to scroll through your inbox to find them, saving you time and effort.

Read Receipts

You can now also turn on the read receipt feature for specific chats or all chats. This allows you to see when the recipient has read your message, giving you a better idea of when to expect a response. This feature can be useful for keeping track of important conversations and ensuring timely communication.

Save Favorite Stickers

Finally, Instagram has added the ability to save your favorite stickers, which will appear at the top of the tray the next time you want to use a sticker. This can save you time when adding stickers to your messages and help you maintain a consistent visual style in your communications.

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