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Google Marketing Live event features new tools for Ads & Insights: Connected Church News

Google made multiple announcements at their marketing event called Google Marketing Live. They talked about the improvement they are bringing to Search product, augmented reality, machine learning and many other items. But the two things I wanted to highlight to you which could could be important for you and me, as nonprofits and ministries, is the announcement about YouTube Shorts. The announcement says “…your video action campaigns and app campaigns (if you have been using both) now will automatically scale to YouTube Shorts… because YouTube Shorts now average is 30 billion daily view sand we want to help you reach people immersed in the short form content”. So basically they’re bringing YouTube Shorts into the campaign mix. And the other interesting announcement was about analytics and insights, where they are adding experimentation, optimization, and various other new features. I will link to all of this in the show notes. Do take a look and pass it on to your measurement or analytics team. They may find it very helpful.

Here is the full list of the Top 5 News Items from Week 2, June 2022 with source links from YouTube, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Binance, Web3.

🗞️ News 1: YouTube releases a feature to easily link your Smart TV & Mobile


🗞️ News 2: Twitter allows admins & mods to pin, spotlight Community Tweets


🗞️ News 3: Google Marketing Live event features new tools for Ads & Insights


🗞️ News 4: Instagram announces visual rebranding; launches AMBER Alerts

Source:Instagram | Meta Newsroom

🗞️ News 5: Web3: Binance raises $500mn & Google builds in-house team

Source:CNBC | Decrypto

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