Top 5 latest Digital & Social Media News in 5 minutes, to help your ministry stay on top of industry trends.

This week, we have news about WhatsApp, Meta, Netflix, YouTube, NFT, Web3.

🗞️ News 1: YouTube Shorts gets Voiceover; Instagram won’t clip 1-min long Stories 

Source: YouTube | TechCrunch

We have two news items related to short form videos which is the number one form of content on social media right now. First is from YouTube. YouTube Shorts now gets a new feature called Voiceovers. Voiceover has been one of the big features in platforms like TikTok. And now YouTube says that they are bringing it to their platform so next time you create a YouTube shorts you can add your voiceover which means you can actually shoot something and you can narrate it behind the scenes. There are lots of ways it can help you create content. For example, you can show a Bible verse and you can talk about the verse in the background, things like that. You can innovate and be creative with it. The second news item related to short form videos is from Instagram. Instagram stories which earlier used to be chopped off if you uploaded a 60 second story then it will be chopped into 15 second clips. Now that is not going to happen. Instagram says it will leave it as such as a 1 minute video clip

🗞️ News 2: WhatsApp launches Call Links feature for both Audio & Video chats

Source: WhatsApp

WhatsApp has announced that they are launching a new feature called call links that allows you to create a link for an ongoing audio or video group chat and share it with anyone on WhatsApp and clicking that Link and they will be able to enter that chat. So could be a useful feature in multiple ways. When it comes to ministries, this is not a new feature, there are lots of other messaging apps that already have it. But this feature coming to WhatsApp is a big deal because from a ministry context, WhatsApp has end to end encryption and I know many nonprofit, churches and ministries listening to me use WhatsApp widely for community building, for chatting with teams, etc. So in many ways, whether it’s an internal meeting or an external meeting like a prayer group or small groups, you can use this link feature to let people in and join your call easily without having to share the group, let them invite adding them, adding their name and soon. So it makes it easier you

🗞️ News 3: Meta makes it easier to switch between Facebook & Instagram Accounts

Source: Meta

Meta has made an interesting announcement about making things easier for people to manage and to create new accounts on both Facebook and Instagram. Meta says that we understand that people have many accounts for various reasons. Like, for example, you may have a church account, pastor’s account, a ministry account, an organizational account, etc. So Meta is saying whether it’s on Facebook or on Instagram, you will be able to easily manage them going forward. So you can switch between accounts. You can actually get notifications for both accounts in the same place, which is going to be very helpful, especially for social media managers of nonprofit, churches and ministries. It’s going to be easier for you to manage all these multiple accounts that you may have, and they are saying if you want to create more accounts, you can use the same login and create more accounts, which is great. First, Meta wants more accounts, looks like. Second, they’re making it easier. So in some applications, it is going to help us as a community so definitely pass this on to your social media management team

🗞️ News 4: Netflix announces ‘Game Handles’ feature to grow in-app social gaming

Source: Netflix

Netflix made an announcement last week that they are rolling out game handles inside Netflix games? Yes. Netflix has a section called Games. If you have not followed our stories earlier, Netflix is entering into the online gaming space. And the interesting thing is, this announcement about game handles firms up its direction towards social gaming, which means with your handle, people will be able to see your name. A handle is basically a name, like an identity, an ID or something like that. So Ican be called, say, Natchi, right? And people can look at my name Natchi when they are playing games and they can connect with me, they can talk to me. Now, what is that? That is a social experience. So that is why it’s called social gaming. And social gaming is the big trend in the digital space now. And Netflix has been getting into the space deeper. And last week’s announcement only firms up the direction which Netflix seems to be taking.

🗞️ News 5: [Web3] The 255-year old, Christie’s, launches its NFT Auction Platform

Source: Christie’s

In our Web3 news, we have an exciting announcement from Christie’s, which is one of the oldest auction houses in the world, which was started in the 1700’s. They are 256 year old organization and they are the second largest auction house in the world. And they have announced they are entering into the Web3space with their own NFT auction platform. So now, those of you sitting on the wall about web3, you understand how big this is, right? Christie, as an organization, they understand the value of NFTs. Especially right now, NFT is being centered around art. It is not a big surprise because Christie’s is an art auctioning system. You can now go into Christie’s instead of buying an NFT on OpenSea, you can buy it on Christie’s platform by connecting your wallet. They are on Ethereum blockchain so you can just place a bid and go about. So I will link to the story in the show notes. Do have a look.

Connected Church News: Digital & Social Media – Week 1, October 2022
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