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This news item is part of the weekly top 5 news bulletin (from Week 1, May 2023) specially packaged for leaders of Nonprofits, Churches, and Faith-based Social Ventures. 

Slack Launches Canvas, a Collaborative Document Feature Inside the App

Slack, the popular messaging app has been talking about a new feature called Canvas since 2022, but finally last week they rolled it out and this is a feature that brings almost a Google Doc or a Notion kind of a feature, where you can have a document inside Slack messaging app. I know many of you listening to me already use Slack for your nonprofit, Church, or Ministry work. And this new feature will help you build documents inside your chat without having to open another window or another browser. This is not probably going to replace your Google Drive, but I’m sure it’s going to increase your productivity by giving you the ability to add a lot of details within a particular channel. If you’re using Slack, you are already probably saving a lot of time because of its productivity features. This seems to be another feature that could help you save more time.

Here is the full list of the Top 5 News Items from Week 1, May 2023 with source links from Facebook, YouTube, Web3, Slack, LinkedIn.

🗞️ News 1: Facebook Ads Manager’s Backend Error Leads to Overspending in Accounts   

Source: Meta

🗞️ News 2: YouTube Launches Product Drops; New Shorts Feature in iOS, Android  

Source: YouTube | Creator Insider

🗞️ News 3: Slack Launches Canvas, a Collaborative Document Feature Inside the App  

Source: Slack

🗞️ News 4: LinkedIn Publishes a New Report with Insights on Tech Marketing Trends      

Source: LinkedIn

🗞️ News 5: [Web3] Visa Reveals Plans for an Ambitious Product Involving Payments

Source: Visa

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