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[Web3] UK's Lower House of Parliament votes in favor of Crypto

In our web3 news this week, we have news about UK, United Kingdom’s lawmakers in the lower house of the Parliament voted in favor of recognizing cryptocurrency as a regulated financial instrument. And this is a significant step in the Web3 world where crypto is a big part of the whole Web3 ecosystem and every regulation like this, especially in a major economy, has an impact on how this shapes up for the future.You will be interested to know that Rishi Sunak, who is now the UK newly elected Prime Minister. When he was a finance minister during his tenure, he had unveiled a plan to make the country as a hub for cryptocurrencies. So now he’s the prime minister and then this goes through the Parliament. It’s all interesting.

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🗞️ News 5: [Web3] UK’s Lower House of Parliament votes in favor of Crypto

Source: Coindesk

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