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This week, we have news about TikTok, Instagram, Robinhood, YouTube, Messenger, Web3.

🗞️ News 1: Instagram launches Avatar Profile Photo feature & Quiet Mode 

Source: Instagram | Blog

Instagram had a couple of announcements last week. One is about the ability to add your 3D avatar as a profile pic on Instagram. So your current Instagram profile pic, which could be your real-life picture, will also be there. But people can swipe and flip it like flipping a coin. They can flip the profile picture of you on Instagram and they will be able to see the 3D avatar at the back side, at the reverse side, Very interesting to see how 3D avatars are making their way into almost all of Meta’s apps like WhatsApp, etc. The second announcement is about the release of ‘Quiet Mode’ on Instagram which lets you pause notifications. In fact, the announcement says that “you will be able to turn off notifications” and it will also “send an auto-reply when someone sends you a direct message” when you have switched on the Quiet Mode. Could be useful if you want to be more productive.

🗞️ News 2: TikTok’s new settings lets users control DM (Direct Message) experience 

Source: TechCrunch

TikTok has rolled out a new settings which allows you to control who sends you a direct message on the app. This is available in other apps already, like Instagram, but TikTok has now adopted a similar strategy, but with slight variation. The options for you includes everyone where anyone can send you a message, or you can choose Suggested friends because as you know, TikTok has this ability to suggest friends based on your sync with Facebook and so on, or mutual followers or people you’ve sent a message to, or no one. So these are the various options and you can find all the settings by going to your profile icon at the bottom of TikTok and then you tap on the menu button and then select Settings and Privacy, and then tap on Privacy. From there you go to Direct Messaging Settings and you will be able to choose whatever option works for you to take a look.

🗞️ News 3: YouTube releases two new helpful updates related to Policy Violations

Source: YouTube

YouTube announced last week that they are rolling out two updates to their policy violation support, which. Could be really helpful. If you are focusing on YouTube content creation. I hear from many churches, nonprofits and ministries often that when it comes to policy violations, they do not understand what the violation is, what policy did they violate, where did that happen, and so on. So more information could really be useful. This is where these two updates come in. First is a guided resolution flow that takes you step by step and helps you understand things like where the policy violation occurred, what was the precise policy that was violated and what can you do about it, and so on. So pretty helpful update. And along with this they are also adding timestamps. They are rolling out time stamps step by step. It’s not available to everyone at this point, but it will eventually be available to all. And you can actually see the timestamp, the location, exactly where the policy violation occurred. Pass this on to your YouTube team.

🗞️ News 4: Meta releases new end-to-end encryption features in Messenger   

Source: Meta

Meta announced last week that they are coming up with new features that are going to be added to messenger apps end to end encryption experience. So these features are going to be within the EndToEnd encryption process of communication. These are chat themes, custom chat, emojis reactions, group profile photos, link previews, active status and even the bubbles on Instagram phones are going to be part of this end to end experience. It has been good to see how Meta has been pushing the whole end to end encryption across all their messaging apps like Instagram, DMs, WhatsApp and messenger. Because at the back of it I think what they have in mind is the cross communication experience, the ability for people to cross communicate between these three apps. For that to happen they need to have EndToEnd encryption across shorts. So I think that’s what they are pushing towards, which is good for all of us at the end of the day.

🗞️ News 5: [WEB3] Robinhood starts rolling out its new Wallet to users on waitlist

Source: Robinhood

Robin Hood, which is a very popular crypto and a stock trading app, has announced that they are starting to roll out their own version of a wallet, a crypto wallet that will potentially compete with other wallets like MetaMask and so on. They have been in beta for a while now and if you are one of the beta waitlist users then you can start using it now. Out. They have already rolled out to 1 million users. The announcement from the GM of crypto in the company says we’ve started to roll out Robin Hood wallet to our 1 million plus waitlist users and we’ve made some awesome changes since the beta program based on customer feedback and excited to get them into your hands. And he has a whole Twitter thread about it, so we will link to it in the show Notes the Waitlist. If you’re not yet on the signed up for the waiting list then that is also still open. So we will also you will also find that link in the Twitter thread and you can still sign up to be on the Waitlist.

Connected Church News: Digital & Social Media – Week 1, February 2023
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