How to communicate with God in your workplace 2

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How to communicate with God in your workplace – 2

Here is a list of 3 things you can do to improve your Spiritual listening skills in your workplace:

  1. Take Micro-breaks with God:

During your busy schedule take micro-breaks, from just a few seconds, to withdraw yourself from the situation and pray/talk to God. It need not be a loud and structured; it can be something that is quiet and within you. It need not be long; it can be a short ‘help me’ type of prayer. This practice helps you tap into the spirit realm and bring the presence of God into your situation.

Many times, I have personally experienced amazing breakthroughs when I do this. When I sense a tough business conversation or need wisdom in making a decision, I take micro-breaks with God. And whenever I do this, I have seen thoughts and decisions pop into my head which would totally turn the situation around for good. I encourage you to give it a try.

  1. Be Conscious of His Presence:

Being aware of the fact that God is ‘with’ you, ‘in’ you and right ‘beside’ you, between 9am and 6pm on weekdays can be empowering. We all feel God’s presence at church and in prayer meetings, but we do not realise that He is with us in our workplace. This knowledge and awareness will open up your spirit to communicate with Him. Being aware of Him will help you reach out to Him when you need His guidance during your office hours.

Remind yourself of His presence in your workplace. Use triggers to help you remember that He is with you. Simple things like having a post-it notes with verses or quotes on your office pin-up board reminding you of God’s presence with you is a good starting point. But as you continue to practice it, over time you would not need any physical triggers, it will become a second nature to you and you will start living continually in His presence.

If you are keen to learn more about practical tips on knowing God’s presence in everyday life, I recommend a book that was written 300 years ago! – “The Practice of the Presence of God” by Bro. Lawrence who was a monk and dishwasher in a monastery. Here is the amazon link.

  1. Connect with other Like-minded People:

God never intended for us to work alone. He wants us to work along with like-minded individuals and help each other. Quite often, God’s instructions for our life comes through other people and their words. Even though in this new testament era, we have God living inside of us and He is fully capable of communicating with us, sometime He chooses speaks through the wisdom of other people. And in a way, that is God’s way of ensuring that we have the humility to stay connected with others.

So it is a good idea to build or join a group of like-minded businessmen, mentors or working professionals who can give you good advice and inputs on work life challenges. This is a good way to improve your own spiritual listening skills.

I recently had the privilege of meeting (after a series of incredible events and divine connections) and having coffee with Aaron Walker, who after 37 years of a successful career as an entrepreneur transitioned into business and life coaching. He is also involved for many years in ‘mastermind groups’ and recommends them for success and transformation. Check our his website for more details.

You could find a ‘mastermind group’ or a ‘fellowship group’ near you that could help you connect with like-minded men and women of God and get good advice and counsel from them. If possible locate and connect with like-minded friends in your own workplace with whom you can discuss, pray and get inputs regarding your work-life challenges.

Hope these inputs help you develop and improve your ‘spiritual listening skills’. Let me know if you found this useful by leaving your comments below. You can also share other tips and experiences of your interaction and communication with God in your workplace. Thank you.

Have a successful and purposeful day at work!

How to communicate with God in your workplace 2

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